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Gables VTC new washroom externalProject Uganda sign at Bishop Ruhindi School 2013Washrooms-part constructed Bishop Ruhindi 2013Gables VTC new washroom internal






2016 saw two more large washroom facilities with rain water harvesting constructed, one at Bugangari Secondary school and one at Bwambara Secondary school. Both schools are in very poor rural communities, far from Rukungiri town. The schools have almost non-existent toileting or bathing facilities and no water supply, so all water for drinking, cooking, bathing and laundry must be fetched from either a community tap or river some distance away.

School Profile

Bwambara Modern Vocational Secondary School.

Bwambara Secondary School old washroom.JPG

Bwambara Secondary School new washroom presentation.JPG








Moses Akampa, Project Representative, presented the new washroom facility to the school.  The new block is a far cry from the old facility (above). 

Bugangari Secondary School



Existing washroom facilities at Rutooma Vocational

This year we successfully constructed 2 washroom blocks during the annual 3 month project visit.  In order to make the most of funds and time Moses, our local Project Representative, identified 2 schools in desperate need of improved facilities, close enough that masons and labourers could work successfully on both plots.  Katurika senior secondary government aided day/boarding school with 118 girl boarders and Rutooma Catholic vocational training centre with 36 girl boarders.  Washroom blocks were constructed with rain water harvesting and water tanks.

 Official opening ceremony of the washroom block at Katurika Senior Secondary School

Official opening of the new washroom at Katurika School


Buyanja Grammar School old washroom 2014Buyanja Grammar and Holyfield High were identified in 2013 as schools having sub-standard facilities and in desperate need of new washrooms, and geographically very close together.  This allowed our usual team of masons and labourers to work on the two sites simultaneously.  This also meant that at a time when building costs are generally rising, we were able to reduce some costs such as transportation of materials, and bulk discounts on materials.  As always we employed local labour and former students, and used local materials.  


Holyfield High School old washroom


We are very pleased to report that this project is turning into a real success story.  In the last 3 years we have provided 5 boarding schools with washroom/laundry blocks.  We are now receiving very positive feedback from all the schools, with reports that student health has improved, and queues are reduced in the morning allowing students to get to lessons on time.  Also, due to the design there is no standing water within the wash area now, leading to a significant reduction in water borne diseases.  It is not just the students who benefit from this project, the local team of builders also receive training and a wage which allows them to buy essential food and medicines for their family as well as hopefully securing skilled work in the future.

New washroom - Buyanga Grammar School


Following a period of research conducted by Moses, Bishop Ruhindi High School in Rukungiri was identified as the next school for Project Uganda to support with a new washroom block.

Washrooms-foundation stage at Bishop Ruhindi school2013

Construction commenced at the end of January so that work could be monitored by Project Uganda representatives during their annual visit to Rukungiri. We believe as a charity that this is crucial to ensure all money is spent effectively and construction methods are as efficient as possible, guaranteeing every penny raised in the UK is spent appropriately.  

The workforce on this project consisted of one foreman trained by Project Uganda during the construction of the two previous washroom projects, two masons, two porters and two students.  The workers where found accommodation at the school and were provided with all their meals.

Washrooms-part constructed Bishop Ruhindi school 2013

Along with building a new washroom block it was decided that a roof should be put on the existing washroom block and a water harvesting system installed in order to improve this facility as well.

The official hand over took place on the 22nd March 2013, Governors, staff, parents and local press were present.  Project Uganda also received a positive write up in the local paper and were also included in an announcement on the local radio.

Project Uganda sign at Bishop Ruhindi School 2013

Students at the school decided to place a commemorative plaque on the outside of the washroom.


Rukungiri Central School old washroom.jpg

2012 saw the construction of the new washroom at Rukungiri Central Boarding School.  Following a successful bid for funding, St Marks Overseas Aid Trust (SMOAT) kindly donated £3000 towards the cost of the building.  Following a thorough research visit to the school, Moses Akampa, Project Representative,  began the design process.  Construction soon followed and within 12 weeks the existing washroom block had been demolished and the new block erected.  The block incorporates individual cubicles and a roof to ensure privacy and protection from the elements, and a sheltered laundry area.   

The water harvesting system provides ample washing water and can also be filtered and boiled for drinking water.

Rukungiri Central School new washroom.jpgThe new washroom should help to reduce water associated illness and improve the girls hygiene enabling them to study in good health.

Following the successful completion of this washroom, time was spent evaluating the costs, and construction methods in order to prepare a fundraising appeal for 2013.  Moses also began the process again of visiting schools to identify those in most need of new facilities.


At the beginning of this year Moses was busy visiting schools to discuss the washroom project, and develop plans for the construction of a washroom at the school they consider to be most in need.

WeRukungiri Central School old washroom.jpg identified Rukungiri Central Secondary School as a school in desperate need of washrooms. This school has 330 female students with access to 5 pit latrines and a wash area consisting of a concrete floor, no roof and no partitions to provide privacy. This structure is also positioned on a hill so can be overlooked by people moving outside the school grounds. The washroom has no running water and can only cater for 8-10 girls at once, creating huge queues in the morning before lessons. As you approach the school office you are overcome with the stench from the existing latrines and wash area, a smell that students and staff have to live with all day, every day.

It is no surprise that illness associated with poor sanitation and hygiene is very common at this school. In order to consider this project we needed to raise £3,000 to build a large washroom which would make such a considerable difference to the health and welfare of the students studying here.  Time was spent securing funding for this project to enable building to commence at the beginning of 2012.


2009 saw Project Uganda commence their first washroom construction project at Gables Vocational Training Centre. During the design and planning phase, there were many considerations, such as incorporating an essential water harvesting system, adequate drainage and cubicle sizes.

A teamPublic: Gables VTC old washroom.jpg of local masons and carpenters were employed and trained in the construction processes needed to build this 10 cubicle shower room with laundry area.  The building also incorporated guttering and water storage tank to harvest the much needed rain water, and also help to reduce the erosion of the site from tropical storms. The waste water was directed away from the building into a soak away thus giving a much more hygienic way of showering. This will give the girls much needed privacy, comfort and dignity and will also promote good health and hygiene practice.

Public: Gables VTC new washroom.jpg

Typhoid is a very common disease in schools where stagnant water and sewerage is allowed to accumulate. With this construction we hope to alleviate some of these problems.

The construction team are now trained ready to provide the same facilities to other neighbouring schools under the supervision of Project Uganda.

   Public: Gables VTC new washroom internal.jpg Public: Gables VTC new washroom external.jpg



In 2008 Project Uganda launched it's Health & Welfare Project taking the charity in a new direction, whilst following the core objectives of the Mission Statement.

This particular project is aimed at identifing those boarding schools in the Rukungiri District with the greatest need for improved washroom facilities. Providing larger well designed washroom and laundry facilities with good drainage and water harvesting gives these teenagers much needed privacy and promotes good health and hygiene. 

These projects will train and employ local students and trades people through there implementation. This means there is a double benefit to the project. Firstly we are improving the Health & Welfare of the students during their studies, and hence improving their chances of successfully completing their studies. Secondly we are providing employment and 'on the job' training for graduating students and local trades people all of which will filter back in to the local economy.