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We are very pleased to have selected three students to receive scholarships and be enrolled in 2013:

Sayuni Esther - 2013 scholar Sanyu Esther - Following a successful application, we have offered Esther a scholarship to train to become a teacher at Rukungiri Teacher Training College. She is 20yrs old and lives with both parents and 11 siblings.  Esther is a quiet serious young lady following a very difficult childhood. Her father has mental health problems and tries to support his family by cultivating his land.  Esther had to drop out of school in 2012 as she was unable to pay school fees.  She now spends her time helping dig and cultivate the family land.    


Kyoheirwe Melan - Melan has been offered a scholarship to study stenography at Gables Vocational Training Centre.  She is 17yrs old and currently lives with her parents and 10 siblings.  Melan had to leave school in 2012 due to a lack of school fees and now spends her time working on the family land with her parents.

Musiimenta Pamellah - 2013 scholar Musiimenta Pamellah - Pamellah has been selected to receive a scholarship to study a secretarial course at The Mothers Union Centre.  She is a very determined and enthusiastic 26yr old, who lives at home with her mother and 12 siblings.  Pamellah contracted polio when she was 2yrs old and has subsequently been left with right sided weakness, especially in her right arm.  This, however, has not deterred Pamellah from teaching herself to complete many daily tasks with her mouth or her feet.  She is a bright happy young lady and very grateful to be given this opportunity to study. She says that she is going to succeed and get an office job when she has finished her training. 


We are very pleased to offer a scholarship to three students this year.

Akanewatsa Allan - 2012 scholarAkanewatsa Allan - Allan is 17yrs old and lives at home with his parents and 6 siblings.  Allan has been awarded a scholarship to study Bricklaying and concrete practice (BCP) for 3yrs at Kanyinya Vocational.  Due to a lack of school fees Allan is currently helping his parents around the home, so is keen to return to studying. 

Akanyijuka Peace - Peace is a lovely 20yr old who currently lives with her mother and 2 siblings.  Peace had to drop out of school due to a lack of funds to pay school fees.  She currently looks after her sick mother, but is very enthusiastic about returning to full-time education in order to gain a qualification and hopefully employment, enabling her to support her family.  We are pleased to offer Peace a scholarship to study a 1yr Hairdressing course at Gables Vocational Training Centre.


Namanya Markline - Markline is very pleased to have been offered a scholarship to study a 1yr Hairdressing course at Gables Vocational Training Centre. She is a hardworking and dedicated young person who lives in a household with 10 others.  She was forced to leave school in 2007 at the end of her primary studies due to a lack of school fees.  Her family own a small plot of land which she now works with her family.


We are very pleased to be able to offer scholarships to three more students this year.

Agaba Spel - Spel is a 24yr old man living with his parents and 6 younger siblings.  He has been offered a scholarship to study bricklaying and concrete practice at Gables Vocational Training Centre for 2 years.  He was forced to leave full time education in 2010 due to a lack of school fees, and is now working on the small family plot until his new course commences.


Ainebyona Valence - this young man is 21yrs old and lives with both his parents and 6 siblings.  Valence wishes to study bricklaying and concrete practice at Rukungiri Technical college.  He was forced to leave full-time education due to his parents being unable to continue paying school fees, and work around the house helping his parents.  Valence is very grateful to have been selected to receive a scholarship from Project Uganda.

Ktomuhendo Plaxedah - 2012 scholar Kyomuhendo Plaxedah -  'Plexxie' is a very bright helpful student with a lovely sense of humour and good understanding of the English language.  She is 19yrs old and lives with her parents and 6 siblings.  Plexxie is very keen to study Stenography/Secretarial skills for two and a half years at Mothers Union Vocational. She is very grateful to Project Uganda for giving her the opportunity to study at the vocational.  She is currently spending her time helping at home as a house girl, as her parents are unable to continue paying school fees.  Plexxie is very enthusiastic about returning to her studies.


Tumukunde Ronald

Tumukunde Ronald-2008 scholar Ronald is known to his friends as Black. He is 20 yrs old and both his parents live in a village about 15km away from Gables Vocational Centre. Ronald has three younger sisters who live with their parents and have a very small plot of land to grow vegetables.

Ronald spent 5yrs in a government school but had to have time off to support his family. He found education very difficult and after leaving school he tried to find work loading vehicles in the town. The principal of Gables Vocational Centre knew of Ronald and encouraged him to apply for a scholarship. Ronald started a BCP course at Gables Vocational Centre in January 2008. He enjoys the practical side of the course but due to his lack of early schooling he struggles with the theory and is particularly worried about his exams.

Ronald comes across as being very shy and unsure of himself, his English is poor and he is always accompanied by a friend to help with communication. However, he is very keen to work, especially during the school holidays earning money to send home to his family. Working on site with Ronald it quickly becomes apparent that he is very skilled. He is a strong healthy young man who works well, requiring little supervision following initial training. Ronald works well with other students showing great aptitude when learning new skills, and is happy to assist with all jobs. He is a keen worker and always eager to gain new experiences. Ronald is very personable with an infectious smile making him a pleasure to work with. 

Ronalds mother is very proud of him and very grateful to Project Uganda for giving him the opportunity to study. Project Uganda feels that Ronald has a great future, he is determined to succeed and hopes one day to own a vehicle.


Byaruhanga Julius

Byaruhanga Julius - 2008 scholar Julius is 18yrs old and a double orphan, his mother died in 2002 and his father in 2003, both from Aids.  Julius has three sisters, one of which is younger and still in education. Julius is supported by his eldest sister who has a child; she has very little money and is only able to support him emotionally.

Julius went to a private school until his father died and then he spent a year in a government school but because of funds and the family’s situation he left education at the age of thirteen and went to live with an uncle looking after his cows. His uncle became his guardian. Julius was sleeping rough whilst looking after the cows and during this time he was bitten by a dog on the leg and caught rabies. Because of very little family support and no money Julius was not treated correctly and he still has the virus. The Bursar from Gables Vocational Centre knew of Julius and suggested he apply for a Project Uganda scholarship, where he now studies BCP. Julius still suffers a lot of pain from his leg and back due to the rabies. Julius is enjoying his course and is hoping to become an engineer as he feels that with his medical condition he may not be able to carry on with a manual job. Julius is a very caring sensitive bright young man with a good understanding of English and a sound foundation education.


Kyobutungi Risper

Kyobutungi Risper-2008 scholar Risper is 17 yrs old, her mother died when she was born and her father a year later. Risper has an older brother and sister, after her father died the three children went to live with their uncle who already had five children. 

Risper went to a government primary and secondary school where she did well and in 2008 was offered a scholarship at Gables Vocational Centre. Risper is in her second year of a tailoring course which she is enjoying. Risper is confident making trousers and skirts and likes making school uniforms. Although doing very well on her course, Risper is worried about finding work and becoming self-sufficient in the future as she cannot go back to her uncle’s. She hopes to receive a sewing machine when she leaves Gables Vocational Centre as this will assist her in her chosen career.

Nahabwe Darius

Nahabwe Darius - 2008 scholar Darius is 19yrs old and one of eight children. His father has brought up all the children since 1998 when their mother died. Darius went to a government school until the age of 16. He worked on his father’s farm for about two years before he was offered a Project Uganda scholarship at Gables Vocational Centre. Both Darius and his father are delighted that he is able to learn a new skill thanks to a Project Uganda scholarship. He is studying BCP and hopes that when he finishes his course he will be able to build a house on his father’s land. He loves football and supports Manchester United.


Mugabe Isaac

Isaac is a 20yr old student who lost his father in 2001. He has two sisters and two brothers. Isaac was educated in a government school. After leaving school he stayed at home helping his mother on a small plot of land growing vegetables. The principal of Gables Vocational Centre knew Isaac and recommended he apply for a Project Uganda scholarship. Isaac is motivated and studying hard on his BCP course, and commented that his ambition is to build a house for a white person. Isaacs hobbies include football and singing gospel songs in the choir at Gables Vocational Centre.


Nanyombi Grace

Grace is 18yrs old and has three brothers and two sisters. Her father died in 2001 and her mother has ill health so the children were unable to stay with her. Grace and her brothers and sisters came to live with her 96 year old great grandmother who was also looking after three other children. The grandmother lives next to Gables Vocational Centre and about 18mths after Grace arrived she was offered a Project Uganda scholarship, where she chose to study catering. She is enjoying the course very much and works hard. Grace is a day pupil and in the evenings goes back to help her grandmother with the very large family.

Grace is a very caring and mature young lady who likes to visit and provide financially for her mother. When she lived at home she liked to swim in the lake and is a very good swimmer. She misses this and hopes one day that she will be able to go back to the village to look after her mother .