Rain Water Harvesting

Project Aim:

This project has been designed to identify and help those boarding schools with either no, or very limited access to water by installing a rain water harvesting system and water storage tanks which will allow them to collect and store rain water to help especially during the long dry seasons.   

Improvements for the school:

Community involvement:


Kyamakanda Secondary School

This school was identified in 2017 as one in desperate need of assistance.  Following a successful proposal to St Marks Overseas Aid Trust (SMOAT) for funding we were able to install a rain water harvesting stystem and water tanks during this years project visit.  In January a team of local workers constructed two 15,000lt, one at either end of a dormitory block. This was the first year trialling ferro-cement tanks so provided a perfect new teaching opportunity. Up-skilling the workers and students with new building techniques allows them to find more building employment and become valuable members within their community . The school was incredibly happy with the new tanks and guttering, hoping that the 30,000lts of water should see them through the worst of the coming dry seasons.