How did the project start?

Project Uganda was established in 2000 to mark the millennium by the village of Winterslow in Wiltshire with the aiming of supporting young people in the town of Rukungiri. in Uganda.

Why did you choose Uganda?

Initially a range of projects were considered linked to some the major charities, eventually we made contact with Global Care in Coventry who were supporting a school in Rukungiri Uganda. We agreed to raise fund for a vocational Training Centre in the Town to provide training for young people leaving school.

Where is Rukingirii?

Rukungiri is in south-west Uganda some 300km from Kampala and about 70 km from the Queen Elizabeth Game Park

What does the project hope to achieve?

The project aims to support young Ugandans in developing self sufficiency through learning a trade in order to support their families and to help the economy of their country.

How much money have your raised?

The initial aim of the millennium project was to raise £5,000 per year, over a period of four years. Since 1999 the project has raised over £100,000

How are funds raised?

Funds are raised through a range of fund raising events and through the support of many village clubs, groups, churches, other charities and many individuals and families within the local community.

How is the money spent and regulated in Uganda?

Historically money was only transferred out to the Ugandan bank account when a member of the committee was travelling to Uganda to monitor spending.  However, following the appointment of Akampa Moses as our Local Project Representative it is now far easier to monitor spending at all times.  Moses sends monthly reports on all of the projects, including financial figures. Any request for fiance to progress project work is applied for in writing and then approved by committee.  

What percentage of fundraising is spent on overheads?

As a charity we feel very strongly about limiting overheads to ensure that every penny donated goes to helping those who really need it in Uganda.  We are very proud to confirm that at least 95p from every £1 donated goes directly to Uganda, while the remaining 5p or less is used for marketing materials.  We have a very generous committee who subsidise many marketing materials and organise and attend all fundraising events absorbing any costs personally.  All project visits to Uganda are entirely funded by committee members personally.